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Entry #2

Devilish Pet Salon

2010-05-09 05:27:23 by darkblade1134

Devilish Pet Salon

Devilish Pet Salon


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2010-05-15 11:58:56

Yong is that you?

darkblade1134 responds: i'm not Yong......


2010-06-22 19:17:06

Just have one thing to say to you, and it does not involve your news.
You do know what that icon is? The one that looks like a skull, and is on your news and reviews?
Sorry, just had to ask.

darkblade1134 responds:

That's the Icon in a game call The World End With You!!! XDDD i love that game!!!


2011-02-24 19:47:02

Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I got a new one up called Strange World btw.